Get Out of the Classroom with Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trip (VTF) = an online trip to a particular place

An exciting way to leave the classroom

Virtual Field Trips: An exciting way to leave the classroom

Using Virtual Field Trips in the Classroom
The next time you study a particular place, you can take your students there on the Internet rather than having them read about it from a textbook.

While an online experience will never replace an actual one, a virtual field trip can take your students to places that might otherwise be impossible for them to visit–like the human body, or even the solar system.

Create Your Own Virtual Field Trip
Decide on an idea for a virtual field trip to a place that would enhance your curriculum.

Tell students answer questions about the particular topic or place only using the Internet. Tell them to gather pictures, facts, and other evidence to document their journey

Tip: If each student focus on a specific topic (ex: culture, history, geography), the teacher can combine all the information into a website as a class project. This would be especially useful for other teachers or students interested in taking the same virtual tour.

Questions to Ask Yourself As a Teacher

  • In what ways does this trip enhance your curriculum
  • Why did you choose this trip?
  • What destination will students visit and what type of cultural information will be included?
  • What questions would you expect your students to be able to answer after visiting this place?

Links to Check Out

Basically, virtual field trips are flexible and fun–they can adapt to any curriculum, and offer a unique opportunity to visit places students would otherwise be unable to visit.


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