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Purchasing Inexpensive Computers for the Classroom

Start building your classroom computer lab with recycled computers.

Start building your classroom computer lab with recycled computers.

Before students can begin an educational journey on the internet, computer stations are needed. Since not every school can afford the latest technology, building a computer lab may be difficult.

Luckily, there are organizations that teachers can contact to receive refurbished and recycled computers for classroom use. Computers for the Classroom and Computers for Schools are two of these non-profit organizations that aim to provide a low-cost alternative for achieving technology in the classroom.

What do these organizations do?

Basically, these two organizations accept donated computers from corporations and homes across the country. They then refurbish them, clean them up, and then sell them at a low price to schools

What comes with the computer?

Computers for Schools installs a Windows based operating system on each computer, as well as a few basic applications, like a word-processor and spreadsheets.

Each computer comes with a mouse, keyboard, and a monitor. Sometimes there are offers that allow you to purchase a printer as part of the package deal.

If you’re interested in purchasing an inexpensive computer for your classroom, it’s definitely worth it to check out their websites for all the details.


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